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JESSICA FREEDMAN is an accomplished studio singer, performer, songwriter and vocal arranger based in Los Angeles. She records for film, television, albums, live shows and demos, and sings in a variety of professional bands and ensembles. With a strong background in pop, jazz, songwriting, acappella and choral singing, Jessica is an exceptional soloist, ensemble singer and sight-reader. Her voice can be heard in the Oscar and Grammy award-winning film La La Land as a soloist on "Someone In The Crowd", and as one of the "singing sparrows" in newly released Peter Rabbit. Other recent credits include films War For The Planet Of The Apes, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Sing and Suicide Squad and TV shows The Voice, Castle, and The Sing Off. 

Throughout her career on stage and in the studio, Jessica has been grateful to work with many major composers, producers and arrangers, including Michael Giacchino, Justin Hurwitz, Marius de Vries, John Powell, Harvey Mason Jr, Gabriel Mann, Jeff Russo, Dominic Lewis, Andrew Dawson, Tim Davis, Stuart Price, Sunna Wehrmeijer, Christopher Young, Tony Morales, Stephen Edwards, Kirby Shaw, Deke Sharon, Christopher Given Harrison and Ben Bram.


An artist and songwriter herself, Jessica has also been fortunate enough to work with a variety of legendary artists, including Paul McCartney, Justin Timberlake, Sergio Mendes, Sara Bareilles, Andrea Bocceli, Herb Alpert, Richard Carpenter, Kanye West and The Pet Shop Boys. She has toured all over the United States; performed in Hong Kong, Denmark, Italy, Mexico and the U.K.; world-renown venues like the Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall, Hotel Cafe, The Troubadour, Dolby Theater; and events like Sundance, SXSW and Ted Talks. 

The primary focus of the earlier years of Jessica's career was the award-winning vocal group ARORA (formerly known as Sonos). The group was signed to Verve records, released three albums and toured internationally for many years. They became well-known in the a cappella community for their stunning original music and innovative use of effects pedals and loopers in their vocal arrangements. As the soprano in the group, Jessica was honored to win the A Cappella Community Award for "Favorite Female Vocalist" in both 2010 and 2011. Appearances with ARORA included NBC's The Sing Off, and live radio sessions on KCRW, NPR, BBC Americana, Studio 360 an Sirius/XM Radio. 

In addition to her work with ARORA, Jess performs regularly with a variety of professional ensembles in LA, including the 30-voice chamber choir LA Choral Lab, a funky party/wedding band called The Shrines and pop/jazz a cappella group Snowfall. 

An avid songwriter since she was a child, Jessica is thrilled to be recording and co-producing her first solo album of original music. The album, to be released later this year, is an intimate collection of songs written throughout the past decade of her life and career as an artist.

JESSICA FREEDMAN (SAG-AFTRA) is an accomplished studio singer, live performer, vocal coach and songwriter in Los Angeles, CA. Her musicianship and vocal versatility has led her to singing on many major films, TV shows, albums, soundtracks and demos, as well as live performances all over the world, and in a variety of professional bands and ensembles. With a strong emphasis in pop, jazz and choral singing, Jessica is a unique and communicative soloist, strong sight-reader, and professional asset to any project. 

Her voice can be heard in the Oscar and Grammy award-winning film La La Land, as both an off-screen soloist in “Someone In The Crowd” and a part of the score's choir vocals. Other film score recording work includes Frozen 2, Hocus Pocus 2, Mulan (2020), Peter Rabbit, Sing, Star Wars: Rogue One, The Call of The Wild, Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad, Pitch Perfect 3, Men In Black: International, War for the Planet of the Apes. On/off camera vocals for TV shows include ABC’s Beauty & The Best: A 30th Celebration, Pen15, The Orville, American Horror Story, The Voice, Charmed, The 100, Castle and The Sing Off.  Other work includes vocals for Disneyland, Hal Leonard, Coca Cola, Barbie/Mattel, and live-to-picture concerts at the Hollywood Bowl (La La Land Live, Harry Potter Live). 

Jessica has been honored to work with many major recording artists, including Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish, Justin Timberlake, Sergio Mendes, Sara Bareilles, Post Modern Jukebox, The Pet Shop Boys and Herb Alpert. She has toured all over the United States, sang in Hong Kong, Italy, Denmark, Mexico and the U.K., and performed in world famous venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall, Hollywood Palladium, Hotel Cafe and The Troubadour; as well as iconic events like Sundance Film Festival, SXSW and Ted Talks.

In addition to her singing work, Jessica is a proud and dedicated vocal coach at Morehouse Vocal Studio, working as an associate coach for renown celebrity vocal coach and voice rehab specialist Valerie Morehouse, who coaches many of today’s biggest pop stars and actors. Learn more about Morehouse Vocal Studio or book a lesson with Jess via the Vocal Coaching page.

After earning her degree in Jazz Studies from UCLA in 2008, Jessica spent the formative years of her career in the award-winning vocal group ARORA (formerly known as Sonos). After signing with Verve Records, the modern vocal quintet released three albums and toured for several years, becoming well-known in the vocal music community for their stunning original music and innovative use of effects pedals and loopers in their arrangements.


In addition to her studio recording and vocal coaching work, Jess performs regularly in several professional ensembles, including contemporary chamber choir LA Choral Lab,  dance band The Shrines (Dart Collective) and more. 

"Jessica's voice is the perfect blend of tonal innocence and lyrical beauty. Her experience and skill as both an a cappella singer and vocal arranger make her a true tour de force.  She could sing anything and I'd listen."
- Jasper Randall, Vocal Contractor
"I've been singing with Jessica for years in sessions and small group a cappella projects. She's got the whole package: Solid chops, blends, reads, sings in tune, musical, versatile, instinctual, and professional. BUT, the very best thing about Jessica is that you don't just get a singer for hire, you get an artist.
And that's a very rare thing.”

- Eric Bradley, Session Singer
"Jessica's effortlessly pure and chill-inducing soprano combined with her natural musicality make her a huge asset both on stage and in the studio."

- Ben Bram, Grammy Award-winning arranger

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